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Rams Horn Crook. number DS. c498, Engraved for Sydeny Royal Easter Show 2014 ” Champion August shorn Ram”
Length is 1.2m. on a Olive Shank, fitted with HD brass ferrule and finished in Tung Oil

2018 Sydney royal Easter Show Trophy, Champion August Shorn Ram ,made from a Merino Rams horn with collars of Mulga and Olive, 1.25m in length and fitted with Ultra brass ferrule.

Welsh Mountain Rams horn crook, on Olive shank 1.2m in length, fitted with HD brass ferrule and finished in Tung Oil

DS c 497 Welsh Mountain Rams horn Crook, mounted on Olive Shank 1.2m in length, fitted with a HD brass ferrule, finished in Tung Oil
for Sydney Royal Easter Show, Champion August Shorn Ewe 2014

A double nose out crook made from a Wiltshire Horn Ram, the collar is from a Merino Ram and mounted onto a slender Olive shank, 1.2m in length and fitted with a ultra brass ferrule,, please email me for further details ans price.

Wiltshire rams horn split to form a nose out and one nose in to form a twin point, a cllar of Purple Heart wood set onto a granny Smith Shank. 1.2m in length and fitted with a ultra brass ferrule , now with a very dear friend,

Buffalo market with collars of Olive and Mulga set onto a Plum shank, on the end is HD ultra ferrule, and 1.2m in length. price AU$340

Latest molded deer Antler into semi Crook. collars of Mulga and Olive all set on a Plum shank, brass ultra ferrule fitted to the base, AU$ 380.



Marino Rams horn crook with Border collie photo laser printed, collar’s are Olive and Mulga, set onto a Almond shank
birthday present for a good friend his name has been engraved on the other side

DS c582

Buffalo horn crook with collars of Walnut and Ebony set onto Olive shank 1.25 in length , sold

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