Keighlians Crooks and Canes

All our Shepherds Crooks, Walking Sticks, Thumb Sticks and Cattle Show Canes are fashioned from specially selected timbers within the Barossa Valley here in South Australia. Occasionally African Rosewood and Ebony from Kenya are used for special Walking Canes. The Handles and Crooks are made from a variety of Rams Horn, Asian Water Buffalo Horn, Red, and Fallow deer, some Elk antler when available, Wild Goat Horn, along with Highland Cattle Horn.

Australian hard woods such as Sheoak, Red and Blue Gum, Spotted Gum, Mulga, Black Bean, Gawler Bottle Brush, The shanks are made from Granny Smith Apple, Blackthorn, Firethorn, Mulga, Olive, Plumb, and Purpleheart just to name a few are all carefully crafted into unique styles to suite most needs. Commission work is preferred, and where possible customers designs could be undertaken.

I am very lucky in that the Ram and Ewe horns come from the Wiltshire Horn breed of sheep and sauced  from a very prominent stud in  NSW,   Mr Jason  O’Loghlin of O’Loghlin  Wiltshire Horn  Stud Deniliquin NSW, and just like his sheep the horns  are of a superior quality,   this breed of sheep are probably the last of the British Breeds that have horns left in Australia. 

My grateful thanks  Jason and his Family.

A new addition to  my web site, is the new and exiting  “Australia Owned” program  and I am very proud to  have been included and to fully support this new collective of products from every thing made here in Australia

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